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Natural Beauty troughout History.
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The founder of Oryza Rosa managed to bring together two cultures in one brand. Her goal was to develop products with the legendary ingredients, Roses and Rice.

The ingredient roses she grew up with comes from her roots, Kelaat M´gouna. Kelaat M´gouna is a city from the south of Morocco and is best known for its beautiful roses and the "rose festival" that takes place every year in May. The city is also called "the valley of roses".

The other beautiful ingredient full of vitamins is rice, which provides the "Glass Face" that we owe to Japanese natural beauty throughout history. We are inspired by the successful beauty routines of hundreds of years ago, they were able to create the best skin care products with the right ingredients.

The founder of Oryza Rosa is very familiar with these ingredients and feels blessed to share this beauty secret with you!

Fine lines, pigmentation, dull gray skin, dehydrated skin with no natural glow are all a result of aging, stress, health and the environment you live in.
But if you want something to fight back against the results of the hard work your body does, Oryza Rosa is  innovating vegan products designed specifically for the skin. Our products are vegan, silicone free, cruelty free, dermatologist tested, and make sure your skin looks and feels beautiful every day!

A product made by a woman for women and men who want to take care of their skin in the best way possible.

Much Love,

Founder of Oryza Rosa